Tuesday, March 28, 2006

About This Blog

I've decided to make a special blog for my geocaching.

Inspired by some other geocachers who wrote long, colorful log entries on the geocaching site, I became determined to add more blog-like descriptions to my find logs.

But I find that I often have even more to say. And people who do not have access to geocaching.com would not see what I've been writing about most lately.

Also, geocaching.com does not have a way to browse log entries of a user like a blog - you have to go into a users finds and other actions and scroll down to their log entries. If it is an older entry, you have to ask to view all logs to view the specific entry.

Ironically, each user has the ability to see a index of their own log entries, very much like a blog.

Thus I will be including my new log entries entered on geocaching.com - and often some extra thoughts that I did not include on geocaching.com. The entry from geocaching.com will be in a special colored box, similar to what is on a cache page. I also hope to add some extra member-of-a-group icons that I'd like to see on geocaching.com.

Also, when I have images, I will often upload slightly higher resolution pictures to this blog. Basically geocaching.com limit pictures to about 640. On the blog, I can upload 1024.

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