Thursday, March 30, 2006

GCMCW7 Knock-off # 15 (Paul I. area)

GCMCW7 Knock-off # 15 (Paul I. area) Micro 2.0/2.5
MrWitzAbout 4krejcis
Found-It log: March 30, 2006 by WitzAbout
Mr.WitzAbout (only WitzAbout) along with the 3/4krejcis.
We were heading back to the parking area. I decided to peak if there were any more caches as we were taking a different route (much easier!) back. Thre was - less than 400', and it seemed like it was right along the trail - the numbers were counting down quickly! It seems Mr.krejci had the same idea - he found that we were quickly approaching this cache.
We got to the area, and our 2 GPSrs were closer than they'd been all afternoon. But that still meant about a 50 foot area to search for a micro in the forest. We needed to head back, so I was emotionally prepared to give up after just a little time. I have so little luck finding micros. We were searching the area, and I moved over to a spot that was passed. I looked, and there it was! Wow - I found the micro! I think the Knock-off series will be the key to my learning to enjoy micros! This is the second one I've found without much trouble at all! It probably helped that it was missing one piece of natural camo. I put it back in place after we were done.
SL. Thanks for the cache - and thanks for helping me believe in doing micros again! :)

Steep Rocks on the Way

Great view of Downtown from up here

Looking back up the trail on the way out

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