Thursday, March 30, 2006

GC247F Red Rocks Ramble

For us, this was Red Rocks Scramble. We took one of the hardest ways into this cache. Trying to get to it as the crow flies. It was interesting to note, when I went back and read more of the logs for this cache, that we were not the only ones who ever came at it a harder way.
GC247F Red Rocks Ramble Reg 1.0/2.5
4krejcis MrWitzAbout
Found-It log: March 30, 2006 by WitzAbout
Mr.WitzAbout (only WitzAbout) along with the 3/4krejcis. We took the 1.0/4.5 route in to this cache from the 'which came first cache'. Definately the hardest route in for this cache. We had some real challenges getting to this cache - brush, scrub-limbo, steep downgrades, slides that left us with red mud marks, box canyon, ice, steep crevace climb up, down again, up again through more scrub, it seemed like an hour that the GPS said we were about 300 feet away. Finally we hit a trail with less than a hundred feet away. I'm standing there, reading the detail for this cache from my palm - hoping it will help us find it. Thunk-thunk interrupts my reading. Mrs.4krejcis was tapping the cache with her walking stick. Seems they had spotted it about the time I started reading, LOL.
TNLN, SL. This was a nice cache. Easy find if you go in the right way. Super challenging to get to if you take the wrong way - but we were exhilarated by the hike and glad to find the cache. And even gladder to find the main trail nearby to head back on. We were clued in to the main trail by the moutain-bikers that passed as we were doing our final ascent on this cache.
Thanks for a nice hide!

Rocks across the valley

What do you mean the GPS is pointing at the rocks across the valley?

Box Canyon

Still some ice along the stream

Look there's downtown Colorado Springs!

Interesting Rock Formation

What a vista!

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