Sunday, May 14, 2006

GCVEF1 Hefe's Travel Bug City

GCVEF1 Hefe's Travel Bug City Large 1.5/1.5
MrWitzAbout Pirate3
Found-It log: May 14, 2006 by WitzAbout
Found this one today with Pirate #3 - late afternoon. Another cacher stopped by just as I was walking away from my car - nice to see them!
I popped by this cache to pick up a TB that wants to head east - and by luck, I'm heading the right way.
Nice, easy walk. I wasn't sure at first if the cache was hidden under some old signs, but it was nearby.
Very nice cache - very convienient. PLENTY of room!
SL Took TB Heffalump and a necklace. I left a few toys: butterfly, bat, pirate, and 2 large dice. (see picture)
Thanks for the Cache!

Left toys

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