Sunday, April 09, 2006

GCGHMZ Colorado Keychain Exchange II at Cragmor Overlook

I was ready to do a CITO where the cache was hidden! :) I was glad I decided to check under it with my foot.
GCGHMZ Colorado Keychain Exchange II at Cragmor Overlook Reg 2.0/2.5
Found-It log: April 9, 2006 by WitzAbout
Mr.WitzAbout alone about 11:27am
3rd stop, second and last find of the day. Fantastic weather for caching. Spring is definately here! I know - the weeds are growing around my house ;-)
This was a neat cache - I like the theme very much. I've been meaning to get up here for a long time. Wonderful views. It is great that there are a couple of more caches in the area now - to do on the way.
I was searching around for the cache - checking out the obvious places. I already knew my GPSr was off by at least 20 feet today - from finding the previous cache on the way. So I looked around a bit more. I looked over to an area that seemed a bit far - but there was something that caught my eye. I didn't think it could be hidden there, but when I checked, there was the cache! What a surprise! There is a bunch of keychaings and lots of room.
I left a keychain pen and a koosh-character frog.
I took the discovery trek keychain.
Thanks for the cache! (pictures)

Koosh Frog - 54' Confused GPSr

Pikes Peak above Garden of the Gods

UFO Refurb Station?

Barbed Wire, Cell Tower, Blue Sky and Clouds

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