Sunday, April 16, 2006

GCTZD4 C.A.C.H.E.South April Meeting

This is the first meeting I've attended of the state's local sub-group. My event at REI in February had displaced the possibility of the official group's meeting time - unintentionally. I've been to 3 Denver meetings and a semi-local meeting in Castle Rock before. This turned out to be a smaller meeting, but it was nice. I tried to help out with the meeting, getting my foot in the door as a co-organizer. I'd asked about doing a raffle for the local group - in part to help fund the prizes I wanted to give out at my geocaching clean-up event next week. I got raffle tickets, that can be used for the group for quite some time. Sax, the local head and the event organizer, provided the ammo box. I provided a bunch of swag. One of Sax's daughters picked and packed the cache. I also brought along name tags that we well recieved, and a bucket for holding the small collection of travelbugs.

GCTZD4 C.A.C.H.E.South April Meeting Event
Attended log: April 16, 2006 by WitzAbout
Mr.WitzAbout (only WitzAbout) attended.
Helped out with the raffle - added one of my left over Easter-egg sized micro caches to the raffle pool as well. Turns out Grand High Poobah visiting from Denver won it. The Ammo can cache went to a lucky Kattrax. It was a pretty small meeting, probably due to the holiday today - but that made it easier to visit with everyone.
We visited inside for a while, and then moved outside so that the resturant could clean up. There was talk about geocoins and hiding caches, and interesting night caches.
Afterwards Sax went to check his new Saxy's Place cache. Our Denver guests decided they needed to do this one next - having tried it before the meeting. So I followed them to take a few more pictures and visit a little longer.
A nice day and event. A few pictures to follow.
Thanks Sax for putting this on!
I look forward to seeing many of you at the Midland CITO next week! :) And at future events, including the CACHE-South meeting in Pueblo.
Picked up an M&M Punch Buggy TB

Filling the Raffle Cache

Meeting Table

Meeting Table CACHE-South 4/16/06

Smiling at the Meeting

GPSr located a doggy bag!


Sax - Our Host

Happy about the meeting

View down the table

Checking a devious cache

Chatting as we worked our way out

Outside the Resturant

Checking out coins

Takin' Cache

Rare GC Icon Geocoin

Grand High Poobah Relaxes

I even got myself in the reflection - not even looking at what I was taking a picture of! :)

Extra Hairy Geocacher

Afterwards - Saxy's Place

It has to be here somewhere!

Sax is happy his cache was found!

We stayed and talked while they searched. Sax wasn't giving much in the way of clues except that it was within about 20 feet. :)

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