Monday, April 03, 2006

I always hate having to mark a travelbug missing. I've not had to do it too often, but I had to do it with this one. I'd figured it was missing for a while now. It is a nearby cache, but I just didn't get around to it until this Monday. Someone had put in a little votave candle. I didn't think it was a good thing to be left in the cache - especially as the days start really heating up. So I went by and checked the logs for who took this bug. I was thinking that it wouldn't be listed. But it was. And there was an online log too. It looks like a geocacher took 3 in the area, never moved them on, and hasn't been online in a month or so. I can only hope that the bugs are someplace safe, and that this use will get them back in a cache soon. I also sent an email to the geocacher to contact the owner about this bug.
TBBACD Lil' Squirt
Post a note: April 3, 2006 by WitzAbout
It is with great regret that I have reported this travelbug missing. This TB was removed from my cache GCR8A9 Nit Witz on 12/21. Sorry about the delay in tracking down the log entries.
The log says:
"12/21 Rroundncircles
(Boniquish Holywolf & Kalamazoo)
T Lil Squirt TB (tbnum), playdoh
L 2 pennies"

There is a matching online entry:
"December 21, 2005 by roundncircles (16 found)
had to pet a muggle's dog before finding cache. T-TB L-spiffy$ Further got Quisha and the holy Wolf mesmerized by geocaching Had a great time!"

I just sent them an email asking them to contact the TB owners:
"-- Copy of email sent to roundncircles -- Hi roundncircles, I was doing some maint on my cache today: GCR8A9 Nit Witz I was checking the logs for a TB called Lil' Squirt - TBBACD .
The log on 12/21/05 says that you took the TB, but I am afraid that the TB has stayed checked into my cache.

I am going to mark him missing. Please contact the owner fugowee about the status of this TB (visit link)


The profile for this user shows last on the system 1/31/2006.

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