Saturday, April 01, 2006

GCT769 Flutter's Fortune

We had tired this one before. Last one weekend day a few weeks ago with all 3 pirates. I had to give up after not too many minutes due to the cold. I had already done one cache on my own this morning - a FTF on a micro. But I had a couple of hours to kill, and my younger 2 pirates. So I said 'let's go geocaching!'. While they weren't all that enthusiastic, they seemed to accept it. I asked them what kind of cache they wanted - no big surprise when they wanted an easy, close one that had toys to trade. So I decided to try this one again. I'd reset my GPSr since the last time, and checked the location on google earth again.
Well, reseting my GPSr has not helped all that much. In fact, it seems about equally inaccurate, and it seems to trust me less. Twice today it hard a hard time getting the satellites at first, and when it couldn't, it kept asking me questions:
Are we inside? No.
Have we moved a great distance since the last time? No.
Usually that is all that it asks, but it asked an extra question twice today:
Is today April 1st, 2006? Yes.
Yes you silly GPSr, it is April Fools day! No, I'm not trying to trick you with false satellite readings! Now show me where the cache is!
Well, I was trailing Pirate #2 coming out of the tall weeds, and he just reaches down and plucks up the cache. In fact, his wording and style reminded me very much of when I found the micro the other day when caching with the neighbors - and he wasn't even along for that! :)
GCT769 Flutter's Fortune Reg 1.5/1.5
Pirate2 MrWitzAbout Pirate3
Found-It log: April 1, 2006 by WitzAbout
Mr.WitzAbout and Pirates #2 & #3 - about 11:38am.
Second try at this cache. I started out parking at the wrong secret trail - second time that has happened to me today. Got back in the car and found the secret trail we had used the last time to try this area.
Luckily it wasn't anywhere as cold this time. This way we were able to spend more time without the cold forcing us to retreat.
Again the GPS was bouncing all over the place. Changing it from low-power mode to full-power mode does not seem to help. This area must be very reflective for radio waves.
I went far enough out that the ground was getting really soggy. I warned the pirates back. At one point I thought I was going to sink in and lose a shoe! And with no sword or shovel along to help. *
Taking a number of passes over the area, I could not find it, but more often than not, it kept leading me to a line about 30 feet long. I searched high and low, in and out. I could not find it. I was getting to the point of giving up. I was even considering checking the abandoned tire.
Pirate #2 bends down and says, 'is this it?', plucking it out of it's hiding spot so fast that I can barely figure out where it had been hidden. He had found it just like that! Wow! I complimented him on his really good spotting. Even Pirate #3 congratulated him - what a great sport!
I couldn't believe how hard this one was for me. I was really glad we could find it. It is one of the few left that we haven't found in our home area - that is big enough for trade items. I knew I needed to do one with trade items for the kids today.
So we traded! At first both pirates were considering the click-clacks, and I'd even written that in the log. But they decided not to take them in the end. Then Pirate #2 decided to take this solid dog/dragon looking toy. Pirate #3 handed me the Kim Possible travelbug. I read the mission. I don't know how much I can help with Disney in FL or the UK, but I am certainly willing to move her on.
Pirate #3 then decided he needed the stuffed bear - with rainbow, American flag-colored wings. Why a stuffed bear has wings, much less American flag-colored wings, I have no idea - but he likes it!
We put in a dragon figure, a koosh character, and a McToy-style General Grevous. Pirate #2 wanted to put in one of the micros I have left from the REI event, but I explained him that it was a cache. I must admit, I was tempted for a moment to leave it as a spawn - Denver-Bacteria-like :)
Thanks for the cache - this was a good one! SL.

Clouds Moving in as we headed for the Fortune

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