Saturday, April 01, 2006


It is always fun to find a travelbug. It is interesting this one came from the UK. I decided to check the path of this travelbug to see if it came from or went near a great blog-friend who lives in Bristol. It started about the same distance south from London, but quite a bit East. I hope to be able to move this travelbug on shortly - maybe even tomorrow.
Retrieved: April 1, 2006 by WitzAbout from Flutter's Fortune
Picked up this TB from Flutter's Fortune. This was our second try at this cache. I guess fortune smiled on us and on Kim - as she wasn't there the first time we had tried for this cache. This way she gets to spend a little time with us.
My youngest Pirate pulled her out of the cache and yelled 'Kim Possible!'. I said, 'let's check her mission and see if we can help her out'. I read her mission - Disney World and UK. Colorado is closer to Disneyland in California, and neither is close! But I figured we can move her on. So I told my 2 pirates that we could take her along. We brought her home with us. I snapped a picture of her at home, with some geocaching accessories.

Kim Possible Fighting for the Camo-Way of Life

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