Sunday, April 16, 2006

GCV8E3 Simon's Salute

Second time trying this one. The first time I tried this I was on my way to work. I didn't have my GPSr, but thought I could do it from the location on the map. I was wrong. I had tried for about 40 minutes the previous time. This time I had my youngest pirate along - we spent maybe 5 or 10 minutes and I found the altoids can well hidden.

GCV8E3 Simon's Salute Small 1.0/1.5
MrWitzAbout Pirate3
Found-It log: April 16, 2006 by WitzAbout
5:47pm - finally found it! Yay! Pirate #3 was along with me. I had my GPSr with me and it made a difference.
Yet it had me going on different levels. First down. Then up. Then down. Then up. Then up. Pirate #3 was examing some bushes when I finally found the correct spot. It seemed like a spot I had looked at when I was here the first day - but I don't think I checked that spot quite well enough. This was a nice find, and a fun follow-up from this afternoon's meeting.
SL - Pirate #3 took a butterfly. I left 2 ladybug type toys - one red, one yellow.
Nice hide! Thanks for the cache!

Somewhere up there

Could give a hint

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