Saturday, April 15, 2006

GCT7XZ Tiny Tooshie's Tokens

We road bikes from our house. Other than losing our chains downshifting a few times, things went pretty well. I noticed how much the tag-a-longs for the kids could sway. And any time the kids swung their weight, the whole tag-a-long swayed hard, pulling the parent a little off course. I wonder if it was something about our model - or if it was something about tag-a-longs in general.
We go to the bottom of the hill on powers where it crossed the bridge. But I was pretty sure we needed to approach the cache from the Northern side of the creek. So we had to cross over to the powerline trail. This meant crossing a sandy hillock that required pushing the bikes. Not very comfortable when you don't get off. :) But we made the approach. I may have to invest in a GPS holder for my bike, and riding and looking for a cache on the GPS while holding the GPS was a little shakey. But this was fun! It was nice to find an easier cache.
GCT7XZ Tiny Tooshie's Tokens Small 1.5/1.5
Pirate3 Pirate2 MrWitzAbout - MrsWitzAbout standing guard
Found-It log: April 14, 2006 by WitzAbout
We were out for a bike ride this afternoon. Mrs.WitzAbout is in training. We each had a Pirate on tag-along. I checked Google Earth for the location of this cache - seeming to be near our route. I took us a little off-road as we were going along powers. We got to the general area, and realized we needed to hoof it the last 175 feet.
I looked for a good spot to head down - it was back about 20 feet from where we stopped the bikes. I headed down. I was followed a minute later by Pirate #2, then another minute by Pirate #3. We crossed over a micro-stream which required a small hop. Pirate #2 decided he needed to take a long running jump at the creek, it was cute. I went back and helped Pirate #3 cross. We headed down. I'm glad the steep parts didn't last too long :)
The GPSr got us to the general area. It kept pointing in as I circled the spot. I figured this one would be similar to the last one of this type by this team. I was right. I spotted something that I thought was the target. I just realized now that this is the most accurate my GPSr has been in a long time.
I held my place about 5 feet away to let the Pirates catch up. Without having to give any clues, Pirate #3 moved in and got the offical spotting for this cache. We opened it up - it took surprising bit of force to get the lid off. The Pirates quickly found trade items that made them happy: Pirate #2 took the Darth Vader figure and Pirate #3 took the flower thingy (technical term :) ).
I signed the log, and we left a tiny Uno game, an ornage plastic toy and a mini-Narnia snow globe.
Thanks for the cache - this was a fun and rewarding find!
The kids really enjoyed playing in the nearby playgorund for a little while afterwards. I even made a quick sand mountain for them to crush. We took some turns on the swings. I plays the rollercoaster swing game and the how-did-you-get-away game. Then we decided to return home via the Eastern secret path, going back through the Fairfax development.

Nearby Powers Road Bridge

Deep Gully near the Tokens Cache

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