Sunday, April 09, 2006

GCT76H Tulip's Treasure

Another Micro I could not find. There were many, many place a micro could be in this area. I probably spent about 25-30 minutes looking for this one. I checked lots and lots of likely places. A number of times my GPSr seemed to want to lead me down a crevace. But I didn't want to try it. Knowing the team that placed the cache, I did not think it was a good bet. The average spot the GPSr took me was an open area near abotu 100 hiding spots. I might try this one again. I might chalk this one up as another micro that is just beyond me.
GCT76H Tulip's Treasure
Micro 3.0/3.0
Note log: April 9th by WitzAbout
DNF - but I think it was my GPSr's fault. It was 26 feet off at your other cache up here, and it was only the clue that let me find the other one. Unluckily even with the hint's help I couldn't find this one. My GPS started me over by one tree - but then had me about 40 feet West later on. This was a nice hike - I was glad to be out today in this neat area. I'm glad there were other caches for me to find up this way. Neat area. Wild looking rocks! I will have to add this one to my list of wanting to try it again some time. I guess my luck with micros has been used up - for now! :)

This Rock Face Caught My Eye

Nearby the listed coordinates, downhill and South

Rock Face Wide View

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