Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GCRXP5 Cuppie's Cache

I'd stopped at OfficeMax for raffle tickets for the coming meeting/event. Then I stopped at the supermarket for a few food items. I parked on the access street to Checks Unlimited - the closest spot to this cache. This cache was one of the nearest to my house. It was bothering me that there was this cache so nearby that I hadn't found yet. I was feeling lucky from finding a couple of other micros easily lately. I was feeling less lucky after not finding a few times. But I finally got this nearby cache!
And as I was working on the log entry, the same group posted a new micro just a little further away! Another one to find! I wonder what my chances are of getting the FTF on the new one on my way to work? :)
GCRXP5 Cuppie's Cache Micro 1.5/1.5
Found-It log: April 5, 2006 by WitzAbout
Third time lucky!
Mr.WitzAbout alone. 80th find! About 5:50pm.
I tried this one twice before. I must admit I asked for a hint on this cache.
First time I tried for about 15 minutes with my 2 younger pirates on the weekend. The boys needed to go before I was ready to go.
I hadn't read the hint I got well enough. I tried again for about 5 minutes last night without any luck.
I reread the hint much better the second time.
I went back this evening on my home after running a couple of errands. I walked up, looked at one spot then looked at another. It must have been less than a minute. I had one of those 'how could I have missed it' moments :)
This was a very cute cache. I had to use the pliers on my Swiss army knife to get out the log.
I felt like a FTF, signing this blank log!
Thanks for the near cache - and the help!

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